Creative Services

Over our time as a downtown New York hub, we have been introduced to countless emerging creatives. We have built a dynamic core team with a greater network of multidisciplinary artists and technicians.

We offer a range of Creative Services and have worked with a number of brands, artists, companies, and publications, including Adidas, Woolrich, Saturdays NYC, Football Cafe, Pleasures, Palmes Society, Monumental Pictures, Highsnobiety, and Vogue Arabia.

Styling & Wardrobe Rental

With 20 years of experience in the vintage clothing business, Creative Director and Leisure Centre owner Frank Carson has styled and provided wardrobe and archive pieces for film, editorial, and brand shoots. Leisure Centre has an extensive collection of vintage clothing and an agile sourcing team.



Merch Design & Fabrication

As well as producing Leisure Centre's in-house Merch program, our roster of graphic designers has collaborated with Supreme, Saturdays NYC, Nervous Records, Fcuckers, and Hoes with Feelings, to name a few.



Over recent years, Leisure Centre has proudly hosted more than 50 pop-up events at our Lower East Side store and has orchestrated off-site events, markets, and parties across the city.


Design Consulting

Leisure Centre regularly provides vintage design references to major brands and designers. We excel in sourcing focused collections of vintage attire for research or promotion. Our home also nurtures a number of young and talented Cut & Sew designers. We can assist with design from concept through development, sampling, and manufacturing.